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Walking Out

After enjoying a very impressive dish of Vietnamese Pho and deciding that I sat in the restaurant long enough I called the waiter over to get my check. Instead of bringing just my check he brought me a very soothing glass of herbal tea, and once I finished I went for my wallet…

Annia constantly gets on me because as much as I pay attention to I too often forget things. Whether it be my cell phone, sun glasses, debit card, or… you guessed it my wallet. Now more often than not those items are usually sitting in the car where I left them. So I walked out to the rental, silently to myself thankful that she wasn’t with me this time, to retrieve my wallet… it wasn’t there! So now I have to deal with the embarrassment of walking back into the restaurant and explaining the current situation, and my over imaginative mind went to work…

The waiter smiled at me while I was explaining the situation, and that I know my wallet is at the hotel that is just about five minutes away (not sure if he was fully understanding me). He shook his head in agreement that I would return in few minutes to pay for my meal. Somewhat shocked at how agreeable the restaurant was to my situation, not asking for any type of collateral which I was fully prepared to give… though my iPhone is worth well more than my meal, I left towards my hotel.

Now I’m saved… but I say it often I have to choose my salvation by the minute not just daily…

That little voice in my head began… “Well, you don’t have to go back.” “Maybe wait till tomorrow you’ve had a long day already.” or, the more cynical one “You’re leaving the city tomorrow.”

See that voice is always there trying to persuade you away from the right and good things to do… no matter how decent, good, and sanctified you may be.

Ultimately, I’m a man of my word. And giving no room for those thoughts, I left the car running outside of the hotel, retrieved my wallet, verified my credit card was in it, and left to return back to the restaurant.

The waiter greeted me with a smile… “You a good man, but it taken care of.” Apparently, the couple that was sitting beside me had heard what was going on and had paid my tab. I thanked them and offered to pay them back, but the husband simply said, “Don’t worry about it and take the blessing… don’t rob us of the opportunity. But it says much about you that you returned to settle your debt.”

What’s the point? In life we will be faced with obstacles or situations of our own making. Either we’ve made choices or we’ve neglected to pay attention to our situations. During those times we have precious moments to consider a plan of action or inaction. If I didn’t return I would’ve have been guilty of theft and lying, but I also wouldn’t have discovered the blessing that occurred.

Where do you need to return to? What blessings are waiting for you to discover that you don’t even know about? And, how valuable is your word?

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