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My mother and I have a very interesting relationship. It has shifted over the years as we have experienced a lifetime of circumstances that have impacted our mutual relationship. It would be cliché for me to state that we have a typical mother/son relationship with its usual ups and downs like most relationships. However, we too often sugarcoat our lives to appear to outside world around us as decent, holy, and respectable people, right? Or, is that just my view of it.

Honestly, I wouldn’t change the things that have occurred in my life. Yes, not even the traumatic events that have happened… because if I changed just one of those event I would change who I am today. Our relationship as I said is an interesting one, and as I travel the globe she sends me text messages not wanting to bother me (in case I’m handling some business) just to see if I have a moment to speak. For the past 12 years I have lived away from my childhood home of Pulaski, and don’t get back to see my familial relationships as much as even I would like. So these brief moments are important to me.

It’s an old antidote but the saying “the proof is in the pudding” is one that was mentioned to be growing up quite often. I, as I am still today, was a constant inquisitor. Not one just to take an answer for the sake of an answer, but I deeply and internally felt a desire to understand just not on the surface level. This can be quite cumbersome for anyone to be constantly questioned on every issue from time management, church, God, and relationships. Truth be told between myself and my younger brother Malachi my parents and the adults around us were surely always on their toes knowing that we would have a few hundred question for every situation.

This morning I received a text from Mom saying “Morning.” She knowing that Thursdays are typically the day that I return back to my home in Atlanta she had asked if I had finished packing yet. This continued to a few back and forth coy responses regarding my constantly be ‘ready in season and out of season.’ To which her response back was “Well, I know sometimes you rush before a flight to get packed and stuff.” So what do I do? I send a picture of my neatly packed bag, ready to be zipped up and rolled out of my hotel room. Her response, “You had to send me proof, huh?”

Now obviously this was us having a bit of fun with each other, but as I’ve stated before… I seem to be taught a lesson within circumstances, or at least the Holy Spirit brings to mind within situations Biblical Truths for me to ponder… Today’s “Proof”

“Proof is in the Pudding”

It’s an interesting saying, right? But, what is the full meaning of this type of response? The truth is that in life we will be faced with situations, circumstances, issues, and hardships that will make us question passages like Jeremiah 29:11, 1 John 3:1, Galatians 2:20, Jeremiah 31:3, Psalm 86:15, 1 Peter 5:6-7, and Romans 8:37-39. (A little reading for you) However, like my mother and many spiritual mothers have stated to me over a lifetime when I question the “good” that God is going to work in my favor when I don’t see it… the “proof is in the pudding.”

The art of making pudding is the factor of time and changes in environment. You must first add each ingredient, heat and make sure it’s all stirred together until boiling, then pour into a glass dish and finally place in the refrigerator to ‘set.’

We question our relationship with Christ most during the ‘set’ periods of our lives. During the season of pressure and ‘adding of ingredients’ we tend to push closer into His Presence knowing that we need Him to get us through. In the season we are being ‘poured’ out we know He is using us for His mission and we can feel the euphoria of being an instrument He is choosing to us… but that dreaded ‘setting’ period can drive even the most sanctified of us to the brink of questioning our usefulness, faith, and even if we actually ‘heard God.’ My friends, I submit to you this… The setting season in our lives in most like the most important. It’s during this season that all that has been placed inside of us: the gifts, the lessons that we’ve learned, the experiences that we’ve had, and both the defeats and the victories are given a chance to further allow God to “form us” as the Scripture says: “So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. For he knew all about us before we were born and he destined us from the beginning to share the likeness of his Son. This means the Son is the oldest among a vast family of brothers and sisters who will become just like him.” – Romans 8:28-29 (The Passion Translation)

Be encouraged that yes… the proof is in the pudding!

Pastor J.

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