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ACTS: A Catalyst Life

Most commonly referred to as the “Acts of the Apostles,” The Book of Acts is more accurately a continuation of Luke’s first volume The Gospel of Luke that penned for us to read the works and words of Jesus. In Acts we find the introduction that shows Jesus’ final instruction about His Kingdom, His promise of the Spirit, and His Ascension and Enthronement in Heave as the Son of Man. It continues to beginnings of the Church, the Day of Pentecost, Persecution, the First Martyr, and God’s selection of Paul. The remaining half of the Book of Acts focuses on the Mission of Christ fulfilled through His People and the spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom. We also see the first controversy and its conclusion, and we meet the launching pad of the Church as we should know it today… the Church of Antioch, which was eclectic group of people showing the true meaning of God’s Chosen Family resembling Heaven on Earth. The First Jesus Movement was proving ground that the Jewish Messianic messages was in the same tone a message of a King for all Nations, and Kingdom for all people that trust and obey this King.

As we dive into Luke’s Volume I will be delivering it in part as a scholar would, being that we are studying the text for insight and understanding of the beginnings of our faith. However, I will swing more to ‘why’ this was written. If we studied just the happenings of the beginning of the Church we would fail to realize the mission that still continues today. So as we look back as to the ‘what’s and why’s’ of our forefathers and foremothers, we should seek to see the mission left to do. Additionally, the volume was written in a pre-Christian society that was constantly under attack from both the Jewish Temple, the Roman Government, and a Society that was steeped in opposing values and worship experiences… much like our Church in the post-Christian era. Hopefully from understanding our past we can be encouraged to continue the mission forward in this new era.

A ‘Catalyst Life’ is one that seeks to not simply exist within its parameters, but to affect it. This mission that we are on as the People of God or His Holy Family is to express His Kingdom to all of those we encounter. The volume of Acts that Luke scribed for us shows the Gospel of the Kingdom preached to the Jewish Community, then to Judea and Samaria, and then to all the World. My friends we are in that final stage… taking the Gospel into all the World. With the invention and hold that technology has taken on our modern world it would amaze at how many haven’t been presented a Gospel Message, however I submit to you that the “Gospel into all the World,” commission wasn’t one that was meant to just be preached or spoken from a stage, Facebook Live, or blog such as this… but the Gospel is one of Action. A ‘Catalyst Life’ must be one that is in action and reaction to it surrounding. The hat-trick is ensuring that our action and reaction are deemed to be in line with Gospel of Love and Peace that Christ spoke of, showed, and ultimately beckons us to join Him in on.

I look forward to walking out this study with you.

Pastor J.

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