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For those of you looking for the Catalyst Home Page... We have at the direction of our Pastor suspended it to give proper attention to "Crying Out" in regards to the issues of today:  Inequality, Justice, and Reform.  Please Read Pastor J's Letter below for more information.

Catalyst Family and to our Visitors,

There is a rumbling in the atmosphere that we simply can no longer ignore, and we as a community have been listening for quite some time.  However, we can do more! We established Catalyst Faith Church to be a community unafraid to tackle the tough, uncomfortable, and pressing issues facing us locally and in the world and we will continue to do that with a new vigilance and push even more to "Cry Out."  And I believe as God told Jonah that He is telling us today "Arise, go to Nineveh, and cry out against it; for their wickedness has come up before Me."  This pastor and this community is committed to standing with our brothers and sisters that are now, and have for generations experienced habitual and systemic racism, injustice, and pain from our society, justice/economic/and educational systems; and yes at times... even the Church.  We Must Do Better!

But how?  It is my believe, and experience, that this change can only happen if we truly dialogue about these issues... not yell, debate it out, or "defriend" those that don't agree with us... it truly is about proximity!  During this season we will be welcoming guest from all walks of life to have "uncomfortable conversations" about these dangerous and deadly issues currently facing us today, and invite you all to join the conversation. 

We will give audience to those who agree, disagree, or who don't truly know where they stand on this issues and it is our hope that by showing these conversations in a more public way that it will be a pattern or example others may follow as we together work towards a two-way path to truth, equality, justice and peace.  Some of my guest I will know personally and I trust them to be authentically themselves, and some I might not know personally but will listen attentively to their conversation... this is truly, in my opinion, the path towards true righteousness in our Church and Society.  

I look forward to our uncomfortable conversations... as we continue to Live to Make Him Known.


Pastor J.

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